Android: Enpass autofill not working / wrong URL handover



when using Brave on Android in connection with Enpass password manager, Brave is suggested to “hand over” the URL of the current website to enable Enpass searching for the right entry in the database.

Instead of passing the right URL to Enpass, Brave will always suggest “” to Enpass as the current website.

Enpass is therefore unable to select the right entry and requires a manual search every time.

A similar issue had already been reported one year ago ([Closed] Enpass - choose wrong link URL) and it was assumed that LastPass support may fix this. Since then LastPass support has been implemented but the Enpass issue still persists.

I would be glad if we found a solution for this.

Let me know in case you need further information.

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Hi @j_o_e

Here’s a link to a GitHub issue with some settings that users had to adjust in LastPass in order to get it to work properly with Brave:

I know settings aren’t the same in Enpass but if you look through the comments maybe you’ll find some suggestions that might help you? Let us know if you are successful - we can put info in this post for other users. And if you’re not successful, let us know that too - I can get an issue opened.



Hi Lauren,

Many thanks for taking care of this.

I have checked the suggestions on GitHub and looked for corresponding entries in Enpass. However, I was not succesful and could not find a similar solution.

I would be happy if you could open an issue.

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Sure @j_o_e - happy to. What device do you have and what version of Android and Brave are you running?



Many thanks, Lauren.

I use a Google Pixel, running Android 8.1.0.


Thanks @j_o_e! I’m writing up the issue but I’m not as familiar with Enpass. Could you provide me some steps that I could include in the issue?


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Dear Lauren,

Many thanks for reopening the topic. The steps are well described here:

  • As described in the manual, Enpass uses the android accessibility services to show a notification, if a website with login is detected.

  • Upon clicking the notification, Enpass will open and check for available logins.

  • In this step, Brave seems not to hand over the currently visited website to Enpass. Enpass will therefore report that no matching item was found and a manual search is required.

Here are two screenshots. This is from Google Chrome, where everything works as expected:
Google Chrome Screenshot - Enpass

This one is from Brave:
Brave Screenshot - Enpass

I hope this clarifies things.

Best regards,


Hi, any update on this?