Android Dark Theme: visited links same color as non-visited

on Android version 12 using Dark Theme, I noticed that visited links remain the same color as non-visited links. changing back to a white background, the visited link becomes a different color then the non-visited link. hoping this will change in the next app update

Hello @greenspot, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Could you please share a screenshot so we can have a better idea?

TLDR: OP needs to reply with

1) What search site they are using.

2) If their dark theme search results are truly the same color or if there is a slight color difference they didn’t notice. With screen brightness increased it will be easier to see if there’s a slight difference for link colors.

3) A screenshot so others can verify what colors are displayed & check the link colors on other devices.

4) Have you checked to see if you’re colorblind, even just slightly? That article has a link to a colorblind test. You wouldn’t be the first person to find out by accident that you’re colorblind.

I found this page because I was web searching how to change the visited link colors in Brave for my Windows 11 pc & Android 9.0 phone. I’m using light mode, but didn’t think to include that in my search.

Only possible PC solution I’ve found so far is to download an extension. I don’t want to do that, because so many other browsers have this feature by default & there’s no good reason why Brave shouldn’t.

Long ago I downloaded the Tidy Bookmarks extension for my PC because Brave refuses to put a Bookmark shortcut in-line with the browser address bar like many other browsers have.

I’m more inclined to find another browser instead of downloading extensions, that can be a security threat, to modify Brave to make it more like other browsers that have the features built in. End of rant.

OP didn’t say what search provider they’re using. After my testing noted below I suspect the search provider they’re using is the problem, not Brave.

On my Windows 11 PC & Android 9.0 phone I tried many search providers while using Brave dark mode, searched for the same thing, opened some links, Back to return to search results & check the color of the opened links.

Most search sites that change the color of the opened link use the standard purple color. DDG & Metager were the exception of using different colors for both opened & unopened links.

For Brave dark, these are search providers that use 2 different colored links:, DuckDuckGo, Google, Metager, Mojeek,, Qwant, Startpage, Swisscows, Yahoo, Yandex.

Some of these sites that only use 1 color for both link types use either blue or a shade of purple or lavender., Bing, Dogpile,, aka, MSN,,

Opening a new search site without clearing the Brave history was inconsistent with whether or not the next search site showed the opened link color from the previous search site. If the next search site showed a different color for an opened link I cleared the browser to reset the colors & did the search again.

On my PC & phone with Brave dark theme, DDG unopened links are a very light gray or white. Opened links are a slightly darker gray.

There’s many environmental factors to consider for assessing this problem posted by OP. I’m not colorblind I found that link about colorblindness while searching how to change the link colors & did the test 3 times out of curiosity.

I have good vision without glasses, pc & phone screen at about 1/3 brightness in a moderately lit living room. With brightness of both screens at their dimmest they’re still readable & the difference between the DDG link colors is a little less obvious.

At first glance the link colors for DDG appeared the same to me. I didn’t notice the slight difference until looking closely to compare the text & link colors.

  2. yes, dark theme search results are truly the same color as visited links with full brightness on mobile device
  3. See attached 3 screenshots with timestamps

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Thanks, for sharing the screenshot hopefully someone from Brave will put this on the fix-it list.

My Android Brave browser is always on Dark that changes the top & bottom to black, but Light mode for websites.

I changed my Brave browser to “Night Mode” that changes websites to black, cleared all of the Brave history, visited my local CL page & the links do show as 2 colors for opened & unopened.

While doing more searching to find how to change the link color setting for PC Brave I came across this article that explains why some links don’t change color. Read past all the technical jargon to the end of the article for the complete explanation.

That info doesn’t seem to apply in this case because the 2 link colors show for my Android 9.0 phone, but not for your Android 12 phone.

The visited link color not changing is an ongoing Brave problem that’s not being properly addressed or given the attention the problem deserves. Here’s a post about it from 2019:

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