Android browser won't let me see status of BAT received

For the past couple months, I’ve been unable to confirm my wallet on the android version of Brave. It is / has been attached to Uphold for quite a while, but it started showing up as unconfirmed whereupon trying to reconfirm (or whatever the prompt is) would result failure. I have Uphold app installed. It would prompt me to log in, which I do, then it spits out a failure to update or something to that effect and no change to Brave. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, with no joy.

Lately – the past couple weeks or so – any attempt to open up the status page for BAT to check on what I’ve been receiving, etc… results in a spinning icon and a message saying I need to wait while the request is processed. Well, waiting goes nowhere and in point of fact, I can’t even back out. I have to close Brave via the app manager. The screen and message appears each time I try this. I “think” I’m getting credited for the ads, at least, I’ve seen payouts to Uphold that “feel” right, but I can’t confirm anything since I can’t see past this screen.

I love the browser. I am, however, really getting frustrated with the whole BAT process. It’s opaque, it’s clunky, it’s just plain frustrating. You’d think that after all this time, it would be working a bit smoother, eh?

Here’s the screen I get. I’d appreciate help in getting this cleared up.

Thanks in advance,

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