Android browser closing when it shouldn't


Brave v 1.0.43 on android.

When I have a tab open, and I go to the tabs screen, and close that tab, the entire app quits! It should just go back to the homescreen like every other browser does.
I am assuming this is simply a bug because there is no option in settings to disable this faulty behaviour.

It’s a real problem because if you have any webpage open, and wish to leave it and return to the homepage, you either have to close it, thereby restarting the browser, or first open a new tab, then go back to the tabs list and close your previous one. Both are unnecessarily overcomplicating a simple operation.


Is your issue similar to this one?



Yes, this appears to be a very similar issue, however I get it when closing individually the last open tab, not just with ‘close all’. Also I believe my phone is x64 rather than x86.

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