Android Browser App Stops Playing YouTube Videos in the Background

Description of the issue:
In the Android browser app if you navigate to a YouTube specific video and put the app in the background while the video is being played, the app will pause the video and you would have to open the browser again and press play each time. This happens even though “Background Video Playback” is enabled in the app.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Just go to a YouTube video and press play
  2. Tap the home button with the hope to play the video in the background
  3. The video stops playing each time you close the app

Expected result:
The video should keep playing in the background

Weird Fix I Found:

  1. Play the video in full screen
  2. While the video is playing in full screen tap the home button
  3. You will be navigated to the home screen while the video is being played in a smaller window
  4. Lock the phone. This will pause the video on that smaller window.
  5. Unlock the phone and tap the smaller window which will open a menu that allows you to maximize it
  6. Once maximized, resume the video. You will see that the video is misplaced and yet still plays
  7. Swipe down to refresh the page.
  8. Now you can put the video in the background and it will play without interruptions.
  9. If you navigate to again you will have to go through steps 1-8 again.

Brave Version:
Brave 1.5.131, Chromium 80.0.3987.162

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Additional Information:
Android Version: 10
One UI Version: 2.0
Kernel Version: 4.9.186-*
Knox Version: 3.4.*
Knox API Level: 30
TIMA: 4.1.*

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Thanks for the report. I added your +1 on your behalf. The issue can be tracked here

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Could be phone but this doesn’t always work. All of today the videos haven’t stopped but all of yesterday it refused to keep playing no matter what I did.

Same thing here, just since the last day or two. On my favorite site all I get is a line about “play this video in youtube, or enable java script.” The edit, quote, and and like buttons all quit working. Only on some sites, not others.

Switched to the Samsung Internet browser and it works great.

Why did you change Brave? It was working great.

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