Android Brave Rewards Ads Feedback Thread

hi, 4 BAT were granted in my android, tried to tip and it said something is wrong try again later. After a while, i managed to tip the 3 of the 4 BAT to a youtube channel. the fourth BAT token was vanished. Also , no ads here, propably Greece is not in the eligible countries to receive brave ads yet.

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I didn’t get any free token grants at all?

Me too 4bat granted to my android but it didn’t add to my wallet

Not bad so far… glad to see it! Will provide any feedback if I run into bugs or issues …

Great job devs!

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It seems to me that a number of people DON’T MIND receiving ads! For me, not wasting time and screen space on advertising was my number one reason for installing Brave Browser in the first place.

I gradually found ways to remove advertising from my life; I haven’t seen or heard any ads since 2012; and I plan to keep it that way. Using Brave Browser is an essential part of that. Please let me know in advance if you are going to change that in the future.


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Ads are always opt-in. It’s a conscious choice by every user of Brave.

If you don’t want to receive BAT for allowing privacy protecting ads, simply don’t turn it on.

If you don’t want ads, you never have to have them with us. :slight_smile:

im not getting any ads at all…im from usa btw

I’m getting ads on 2 android devices. While on one device (Huawei P20 Pro) everything is fine, on the other device (Huawei Mediapad M3) ads are coming up, but when i’m tapping on the ad it’s not switching to brave (which is running in the background) and not opening the content in the browser. after a tap the ad is just disappearing. and it seems like not every ad is counted then.

I did not get any free tokens. And in whole day just received 12 ads, whereas my setting is 5 ads per hour and I used brave browser almost 14 hours.


thanks a lot!! really helpful

This setting only sets a maximum amount of ads you get per hour. As Brave Ads is pretty new, there aren’t that many ad campaigns yet, so there aren’t endless amounts of ads you can receive. There also is a daily limit at the moment.

Make sure you have Ads enabled here: chrome://rewards/ads.
What device/OS are you on? Ads are only available for desktop and Android apps.
Could anything block the notifications, like a “Do Not Disturb Mode”? And does the OS allow notifications for the Brave App?

is it available in the philippines??

I was not receive a ads almost 24hrs using Brave. Why?

See.what is the problem still i couldn’t understand.please help me if anyone of you can.

It’s not yet available in your country unfortunately. But Brave is working on supporting a lot more countries this year!

Did you receive any ads since posting your question? If the ads have been working before, did any setting change?

I found your error message on a GitHub issue. Is it possible that your smartphone is rooted? If yes, I don’t belief you can receive ads at the moment.


Thanks for your works the Brave team!

My feedback:

  • Several ads displayed during 2 days, but 0 BAT in my wallet.
    Brave 1.1.0, Chromium 75.0.3770.101
    Android 8.0.0;SM-G930F Build/R16NW

  • I have not found the pass phrase for recovery (if necessary) like the PC version of Brave. Please, where is?

  • The style and UX are good

The rewards don’t go in your wallet right away. First they appear as estimated pending rewards here: chrome://rewards/ads
At the 5th of each month you can move them to your wallet.

Unfortunately that’s not possible yet. They are working on it though. You’ll also be able to sync your wallets in the future.

Thank you for the reply.

Please, where is the estimated rewards on Brave Android?
I have only displayed 0 BAT when I click on the icon in the address bar.
And some content, then the message “Aucune activité pour ce mois pour le moment” (translation: No activity for this month at the moment)

You can either type in the link from my previous answer (chrome://rewards/ads) or click on the triangle icon, then on settings, then click “show detailed information” in the Ads section.

before brave reward is available in my browser … after I update the OS to Pie, and reinstall the application … there is a notification “brave reward is not available on your device” then what can I do ?? please help sir