Android Brave Mobile Wallet Got Resetted Itself


I’m using Brave on my mobile ( Android ) and my PC for a year already. PC side works without any issue but today I realized that my phone wallet is somehow resetted. I didn’t reset or uninstall Brave meanwhile because of this exact reason. So this happened without my knowledge or intervention.

It’s also not connecting to Uphold - but I’m able to login to Uphold via Browser ( It’s not linking for some reason )

I also don’t see any local BAT in internals as well, so I’m highly unsure about the amount I will lose because of this issue…

Is there anything to do? I’m pretty sure that issue isn’t related to something I did because even if we assume that somehow something happened and Brave resetted, then I should still be able to connect my Uphold wallet with “clean” Brave. This doesn’t work either though.

Screenshot from Uphold error


I reconnected my Uphold and it started from 0 BAT :confused: I’m guessing my previous BAT’s are gone now? Is this the case?

Also I’m seeing different BAT amount in my wallet and my Desktop even though they are connected for awhile. Should I open a new thread? Will I be able to get the amount of BAT that is missing/discrepancy?


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