Android brave app sync related problem

Description of the issue:
I had an issue while syncing the brave app and the brave browser.
The mobile app said that the code had expired. The forums mentioned that it may be because the code or the QR used was from some previous days, but I was using the code I just generated seconds ago. The 25th word of the code changes each day. On further inspection, I found that the 25th word generated by my PC and mobile were different. I found out that the mobile version was generating a code for tomorrow’s date. The time and date of both my PC and my mobile are the same(automatic).

Please help me fix this.

Brave Version:

Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question:
PC-windows 11

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Let me take a look at this for you.


Can you try manually selecting the time zone on both devices, restarting them and then go to enter the 25th word again and test to see if this allows Sync to work? If it does, you can then go back and change the date/time back to automatic.

Thank you