Hi. when I try to open new pages on BETA and Nightly on all my 3 phones the number of bats decreases as you can see in the photos… my number of BATS supposeed to be double! SO WHERE IS THE PROBLEM??

It’s worth noting that not all ads pay equally and they are calculated differently each payout based on a variety of factors. From what I can tell with the information you’ve shared, there does not appear to be anything wrong.

Yes, i know that not all ads pay equally …but why my bats keep decreasing every morning? For exemple in first photo, in the evening i had 141 ads worth of 0.905 bats and next day in the morning i had 141 ads worth 0.850 bats and after i open some new pages i had 146 ads worth of 0.890… that i dont understand…

@florins See this post, a guy said it has been fixed now and will be rolled out as an update very soon: Brave Beta Error


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