Android BAT never increases stuck at 2.5 for months

I’ve been using brave browser on my android for months, possibly even up to a year. My BAT tokens have never gone past 2.5 even though I get all the ads.

I always get an amount in “Estimated rewards pending” as well as a next payment date and amount of ads received in the given months.

I recall a month where my total BAT was 2.75 but now back down to 2.5 BAT.

I’ve tried syncing with my desktop browser where my BAT is linked with my uphold account and working properly there, but that doesn’t seem to change anything on my android.

The 25 BAT minimum to link your uphold account will never get reached on my android at this rate

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same problem for me.

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I don’t get it, do Brave actually have a support team?

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Try using the Brave beta app that’s what I did.