Android Bat Decreasing

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Description of the issue:
I had 10.5 bat on my android yesterday and I took a photo of it…and today when I open my brave rewards it decresed to 8.5…How can possibly happen?
How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.10.94 version last june 18
Mobile Device details
Samsung A50
Additional Information:

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Ok, that’s weird. I was going to ask you if you had “Auto-Contribute” enabled but the screenshots show that it is off.

Haven’t you sent any tips by accident or something?

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None…I make sure that everything is off…now I lost evey single bat I had…

but I transferred 5 bat on my youtube to save my bat…but when i look on my brave creators to check the bat I transferred it is slowly decreasing…


Ok, we should tag @steeven here so he can take a look at this case.

This is a very mysterious event. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hi @Maryjoy1982 - we pushed a fix for this late last week. When you have a moment can you update to 1.10.99 and let me if your BAT is returned? Thanks in advance!


Hi @steeven i’m sorry i have checked my settings today and Im already using the latest update of 1.10.99 I forgot that all my app was in auto update…and it was last june 25 when it was updated…Today it started to decrease my bat until nothings left…

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Hi @steeven
Same happens to me today as i should have BAT more than 21.xx approx. which will confirmed next month.
But today my wallet showing 19.xx approx.

So about 2.xx BAT lost. How they get back??

Autocotribute is off.
Browser is updated.

And i hope sir please fix these kind of problems as Brave is now over 5 years old.
Thank you.

Can you send a screenshot of your rewards panel?

I expect my BAT should be atleast around 22.

Hi @steeven, im still experiencing decreasing on my bat…I already claim my june rewards…then magic happens…also I never had auto contribute anyone because im still new…why my bat decrease in a blink of the eye…

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