Android - anyone actually got their BAT out?

I’m curious, lots of posts about Android, but how many have actually managed to get their BAT out of their Android device and into Uphold and into cash? I suspect the answer is ZERO.

I have been using Brave for over a year, accumulated 41 BAT on my phone, but no way to get it out.

Despite what you may think, the vast majority of users receive payouts without any issue every month. We have millions of Android users and tens to hundreds of thousands of them are using Rewards.

So I understand that seeing “so many” issues here on Community (for example) may give the appearance of “Rewards not working for anybody”. However, even if we make a high-ball estimate and say we have 1000 users in one month here on Community saying they are not getting their payout, that is just a small fraction of our total Rewards users.

That’s not to say that there aren’t issues to be solved, nor is it to say that that small fraction of users is unimportant – I’m just highlighting the fact that most users go every month without any issue with payout.

For the users who do have issue, we are doing our best to address and resolve any payout problems they have. With all that said, if you are having an issue with payout, please open a thread here in the appropriate category, fill out the information requested in the template and we would be happy to assist you.

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I use Android and get rewards monthly. You have to realize this site is to post issues, so that is all you will see. I am sure for every issue posted there are 1000 successes.


BATs geting sent automatically to my uphold from my android for almost a year now without issues or hiccups.
Usually by the max 10th each month, I get the bats from my android to uphold. No issues at all.

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Hi, I haven’t received my 15BAT on my other android device despite what steve said that the fix will be implemented. I think I messaged him regarding on my issue on August 1 until now the 15BAT is stuck on my other android device.

I have had 0 problems with brave, except the occasional no getting ads for a few days which is normal at times as much as it may stink.

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As I said in a previous reply:

What happens when I make a thread and nobody replies to it?

I’ve been having the exact same issue - despite trying every little trick in these and other forums, I have never gotten paid for the ads that pop up all the time on my Android device.

After getting to my wits end, I made an account to post here. I never received a reply to my issue.

Please understand that given our small staff, some threads will inevitably slip through the cracks. I do apologize for that and we always aim to improve in this area.

That said, looking at the posts you’ve made it appears that you solved the issue on your own already unless there is another/new issue you’re referring to?

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