Android - add a site to Top Sites

Latest Android and Brave mobile browser versions.

I know how to remove a Top Site, but how do I either manually add a Top Site or get the browser to identify one?

There’s one site I access dozens if times a day, but it will NOT get saved as a Top Site. I’ve cleared all top sites and browsing history but I still cannot get this to show up in the list that appears when a new blank tab is opened.

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From my experience, if your top sites are already populated, then your site will only show up if it’s been called more times than the last site in top sites.
If you’ve ever removed the site from top sites, then you can’t get it to show up ever again unless you clear Brave’s storage.

Personally I don’t like how top sites works. I would prefer it to be just sites that I’ve pinned (we’d need a way to do that). Then we could easily select the sites that are pinned and the order they appear in.

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This is quite frustrating. More than once I’ve accidentally removed a site and the only way to get it back is to start completely from scratch?

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