Android Ad Rewards Stay Pending - Rollover Each Month

Hi folks,

For the last 5 months, my rewards from ads on Android remain pending, and never pay out. They simply rollover to the next month without reaching my wallet. I am not a publisher, just a normal user. Rewards work fine on Linux desktop. Photos posted below. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Android version: Pie, LineageOS.
Brave version: 1.4.3, Chromium 78.0.3904.62

You should see a notification on the Brave Rewards icon in the address bar when you’re able claim your grant. Have you been hitting the Claim button in the Rewards panel?

Thanks a ton for the fast reply. I should have specified that the option to claim never appears. I’m well acquainted with how it should work, having done so on the desktop, and on my wife’s android phone (which works properly, and has the same OS/model).

Thanks for letting us know. So you’ve essentially never seen the Claim option. I do see that you’re still accruing funds though. I’ll have to reach out to the Android team about this – can you tell me what device type you’re using?

So you’ve essentially never seen the Claim option.

That is correct, at least on this device.

I’d be happy to give you as much info as you need. Just ask. Thanks for your help.

Phone model: ONEPLUS A3000 (OnePlus 3T)
Android build: lineage_oneplus3-userdebug 9 PQ3A.190705.003 eng.tugapo.20190803.134857 release-keys

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I think you’ll need to run a safteynet check on your device. It sounds like you’re running into the issue captured here:


This is almost certainly the culprit. Although I had Google Play services at one point on this device, and had no issues creating a wallet, I am now using MicroG which does not pass SafetyNet. One thing that is strange, is that I was unable to claim rewards months ago when I was still passing SafetyNet checks. Perhaps being rooted was enough to prevent a pass. Regardless, I’ll mark this as a solution, and keep an eye on the GitHub issue. Please pass along to the Android team that avoiding Google dependencies is a big deal to people using Brave, although I’m sure they’ve already heard as much.

Thanks for all the help, and the prompt replies.

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You’re very welcome – appreciate your understanding and i will certainly be sure they see this thread. Thank you.