And now what happened? I got disconnected again

I had been able to verify yesterday, and today when I turn on the notebook this appears…

@NPVT That’s from the most recent updates. The way it works now is you have to declare which country you’re in. Then what country you declare has to match with your information used with Gemini or Uphold. If it doesn’t, you won’t receive payouts.

I thought I did a good screenshot showing multiple countries, but I guess when I did it, it closed the country list. And since I’ve already chosen, I can’t try again. But just so you know, it should show country lists. If yours is blank, then we may have an issue occurring.

Can you advise of the following?

  • What OS are you using

  • What version of Brave?

Also, in the meanwhile, it may also help you to create a Rewards Support Ticket as well, just to guarantee someone from Brave sees your issue.

I’ll also tag @chriscat, @SaltyBanana, and @Evan123 as they tend to handle Rewards related issues. Yours is not the first post I’ve seen today of people saying the list is empty for them.

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The list of countries to select did not appear. What I did was update Brave manually, because since I use Windows 7, it doesn’t update automatically.


Are you experiencing this issue on latest release of 1.46.133?


I’ve brought this to the attention of our team for investigation. Are you still exeperiencing issues on 1.46.134? Can you create a new Brave profile and try to replicate the issue?

Please be advised there might be limited support for Win7 and 8 for chromium browsers in the future. It would be best advised to update your OS to circumvent issues in the future.


Could you kindly send me a DM with a screenshot of your brave://rewards-internals General tab and Logs tab.


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