Analytics don't collect the user data from Brave


I realise whenever I use the browse Brave analytics does not collect the navigation. So it does not count as a page view or a visit. This is because per default Brave use 3rd party cookies block.
I mean no company want to not have these data so I think if this browser wants to fly high it cant go agains analytics or other data analysing systems. In my opinion the 3rd party cookies block should be disable per default.


I agree with your point of view. But third-party cookies are sometimes required on certain sites for login in hence they are enabled by default. If they were disabled/blocked by default, it would [sometimes] cause a some troubles for users. Third party cookies often can pose as a threat to user’s privacy, I’d admit that.

User can manually disable these third-party cookies within 30 seconds on their own consent :smile:


the thing is they r disable, I realise that when checking my analytics, Brave didn’t appear as a browser used, when I use it everyday on my webpage. Then i realise that Brave by default has 3rd party cookies disable. I think they should be enable by default so analytcs can’t collect data. Regards

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