An update on Brave’s ongoing direct mail marketing efforts

Hi Community,

As you know, Brave reached 50M monthly active users in January. To keep the movement going, you may continue to see our direct mailers in the wild over the coming months. Here’s how they look:

In spirit of transparency, here’s how we’re committing to a privacy-based marketing approach:

  • No Access to Personally Identifiable Information: Brave never receives or sees any personal identification information about the people or addresses that we’re mailing to. All personal information is kept confidential by the direct mail company we’re working with, which keeps you anonymous to us.
  • Anonymous traffic: Our mailers use custom URLs ( and to see where downloads are coming from but these are, of course, anonymous.

Please share pics or comments on r/brave_browser sub Reddit letting us know if you’ve got mail from Brave! We’ll be picking 3 recipients there to win a small prize from the Brave Swag Store as a thank-you.