An option to turn off Autoplay popup would be nice

I frequently clear my browser of cookies, history and all of that stuff and every time I do, every site I go to brings up that autoplay popup. I find that very annoying but can’t find an option to turn the popup off itself. I’d like to have the popup turned off and just manually be able to select a few sites to turn auto play off (As most sites I go to I don’t have an issue with auto play being on).

Another annoyance of the feature is if I click an option on it instead of exiting out of it, it refreshes my page would could very easily mess you up.

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for example? Please copy-paste some URLs so we can check.

Pretty much everywhere. News sites, media sites, account pages. In these pictures I have ZDnet, MeWe, Youtube,, Facebook, Gamespot. Those are just some quick examples. I forgot to mention that this is for the desktop version on Windows 10.

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