An option to disable auto refresh

I’ve encountered quite a few sites recently that, with the ad blocker on, end up auto refeshing to the point that I can’t scroll to read the stuff at all.

Did you try to search the forum before you open a new topic?
No, you didn’t, because you spend less than 1 Minute reading it.

Don’t know if this answers your question, but searching is not that hard.
Took me 10s


Sorry @Murphmeister But, actually you did the same thing. You did not read the post you linked. You just searched and copy pasted the first one you found, with the sole intention of bullying the post author.

Your link has absolutely nothing to do with the request in this post.
If you would have spend some time to read them … :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry @antonio.jose.rodrige

But, actually you did also the same thing :grinning: You did not read/understand my post.

It was not expected to give the answer, that’s why i wrote:
“Don’t know if this answers your question, but searching is not that hard.”

It was more like a “hint” to use ones own brain instead of letting others do it!

Most people preferably open a new topic, before doing their own research.
Then they wonder why they get no answer.
The reason is because people working for a community are getting fed up answering same questions again and again.

That’s redundant and counterproductive.

If you would have spend some time to think … :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Love u all

@db98 Can you post links to those sites where you are seeing this issue?

Nope, that version is windows and the version I’m using is iOS. This comment made me do a search for “disabling auto refresh” and nothing came up that was tagged for iOS in particular, and the “block scripts” option breaks most sites that I use so I can’t use that either

How do I pin this? Because I had searched the first time and nothing worked, and just did it again to make sure

It’s tagged as a completely different OS too

I honestly wish I could but I can’t access it now, I’m sorry. I had deleted the history since I’ve written this. My bad. I do remember there was a couple of car news sites that did it though

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