An Option to Block Intrusive Media (i.e., YouTube Shorts), Just Like Ads

(Think of the massive inflow of new users when they see a new Brave ad getting rid of ridiculous Shorts. Seriously, everyone I know would download this browser if it meant no more Shorts on their YT feed.)

A lot of people don’t like the whole concept of Shorts. It annoys people and now YouTube just shoves this up your face straight up just like an ad, as a recommendation beside the video you’re watching.

I know Brave is about privacy and blocking ads and what not, but, if you’ve gone so far to, pretty much, give the middle finger to Google, and its advertisements, in your promotions, then to me Brave is more about making the internet a better experience (and not just doing away with the ads, the trackers, and what have you. It’s about giving power back to the people), and that includes getting rid of stoopid intrusive Shorts.

Shorts are super annoying and I, along with many others I’m sure, would appreciate tremendously if you could provide us with an option - call it blocking intrusive media or what you see fit - to do away with them just like you did away with ads.

We like you right now. We will like you even more with Shorts purged down to the darkest pits of Satan’s own personal poop chamber.

YT Shorts isn’t exactly an advert. But you can remove it from the homepage via brave://adblock and add the following[is-shorts]

Won’t remove every YT shorts case, but it’ll remove it from the homepage.

Yep, it’s gone from the homepage, but, still present beside the videos I watch.

If it isn’t much trouble, would you tell me how to do away with them?

Is it possible to do away with the comments as well?

Hey! Never mind! I just learnt about UBlock Orgin and it’s working great! I can use it’s ‘element picker’ to select Shorts and Comments and block them!

You should add a feature like that (element picker) on brave!