An issue with Browser print while in Google Calendar

I was in my Google Calendar app today and I wanted to print out my schedule using the print function within the browser vs. using the print feature within Google Calender itself. When the print preview appeared on screen it showed the +Create button for creating a new event that should not be in the printed image. I logged into my Google Calendar using the current version of Microsoft Edge and performed the same function and it also shows the +Create but the background of the button is transparent which allows you to see the date regardless of fact that it’s displaying the button over the top of the event. Does anyone know why this is occurring to begin with and is there a way to get rid of this button in the image or make the background of the button transparent as Edge is no longer my default browser, Brave is.


Thanks for reaching out – that’s very strange!
Can you please provide some additional details?

Also, can I see what your Shields panel settings are set to while on the site?

Not sure what additional details you’re looking for. Here’s what my Shield settings are showing:

Shields up for this site

3rd party trackers blocked

Connections upgraded to HTTPS

3rd party cookies blocked

3rd party device recognition blocked

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Yep, I see this on my end as well. I overlooked that you mentioned using the browser print function rather than Calendar’s. However, this seems to (interestingly enough) a chromium issue in general rather than a Brave specific one.

As I was filing this as an issue, I tested on Chrome to see what the intended behavior was – turns out it looks exactly the same:

We have a chromium version bump coming up later today (I believe) – if the issue persists after that I will file this anyway. In the meantime I’ve reached out to some other team members to take a look.

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Thanks for the update. What I can’t understand myself is why the +Create button even shows up on the page but It shows up on the current version of Microsoft Edge, Brave and apparently Chrome but like I said, on Edge the background of the button is transparent on Edge whereas on Brave it’s a solid background. Funny thing is when Edge becomes Chromium based it sounds like it would be solid there too :grinning:

Anyway, thanks for the follow-up and perhaps we’ll see this resolved soon.

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