An issue with a searching


Wrong train times!

could you reupload that image
and describe your issue

I did upload the picture but i got some error message

could you upload it to other image sharing site and share the link like this one

This was the result in Brave and it says the wrong time

still i can not get what is the issue
could you explain it

The train times are incorrect.
Im going from Worcester to Droitwich every sunday and there is no train at 8:53am (and so on) from Foregate Street.

this one related to the site not issue in brave as i got the same result on firefox also at next sunday 21-2-2021

Well Firefox wrong as well then.
These are the correct train times (i got them from chrome)

in your first image your choose to depart from Worcester Foregate Street

but in your last image you choose Worcester,any

that the reason

I just realized, there is another station before Shrub Hill which is Foregate Street and the train goes at 8:53 from there :S
My bad.
You can close the topic, nothing wrong.

no problem :slight_smile:

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