An easy, built-in way to report websites using Anti-adblocks

Website using Anti-adblocks have become very common in my browsing experience. Not all users will create GitHub accounts to have the websites reported. If Somthing like how Nano adblocker does is implemented then I think it’d be really great and will help the users report these websites. Since brave blocks ads by default I think this would be really useful.


just report them here, I’ll take a look.


I have made a thread edit today about it. Maybe they could do it.

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@fanboynz which categories should I report them here?

But don’t you think that we need a solution to report anti-adblocks easily like Nano adblocker?

Brave enables ads blocking by default so just like how there’s a ‘report broken site’ function I think we need an Anti-adblock reporting feature since websites will definitely try to use anti-adblocks to prevent their sites from adblocks that Brave is using.

I don’t know how many people will create Brave community and GitHub accounts just to report a website using anti-adblocks. I think they will probably just disable Brave shields and browse the site thereby exposing them to trackers and ads which Brave promises to protect users from by default.

@parasudilip thanks a lot for adding my feature request to your list of feature. I really think that we need this feature. We might even extend the feature request to include unblocked ads or pop-ups and all those things but if it cannot be done then I think at the very least an anti-adblock reporting feature could be implemented.

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Just create an issue report @rakcsjdrd if you come across any issues (test with aggressive sheilds also)

I can’t open this website: in Brave. Website is protected by

This website can block major adblockers including Brave and they are providing their Scripts for FREE. Here’s the screenshot.

Give it 48hrs.

This will fix makefreecallsonline

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Can’t open this site: on Brave, dude.

@iamb9 Force an update of Brave Ad Block Updater via brave://components/ , restart browser, and ensure shields is up.

I was unable to get any Anti-adblock from

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Ok. But, I installed Brave yesterday. Anyway, I will try to fix it.

if u add this in brave://adblock/ u also get no way?

No. Reek anti-adblock hasn’t been updated in 4 years

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