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Good morning,

It’s been several months that my reward per ad has not exceeded 0.003 BAT, I go from 1-6 BAT/month to less than 0.5 Now, find out if it’s a problem or not.

thanking you in advance

you should be able to check at

should show the ads available for your region and what they pay.

They completely cut mine off after years of use and gave no reason or solution. Good luck

@Marsinus there are a lot of factors on earnings. Have you been paying attention to your Rewards to see how many of each type of ad you are seeing? Is it possible that something on your device changed and you are no longer receiving ad notifications? Do you not use Brave News or have your New Tab Page set to open on Dashboard?

Beyond that, you always have to also consider the link lowner provided you, which shows all ads in your region. I’m not sure if my explanation for someone at Not doing anything different, but receiving very little rewards - #3 by Saoiray or I am not getting ads in brave news - #2 by Saoiray might help you on navigating the page a bit and understanding how it all applies.

That said, advertising revenue has been down lately. One of the key ways we have of tracking how successful Brave has been on selling ads is to check If they aren’t doing a lot of buybacks, then chances are we’re going to see some low payments. The last buyback was in November, then before that was June. You can see in screenshot below:

In comparison, the times when we used to get paid a lot, you can see they would make up to multiple buybacks to be able to fund Rewards payments:

So that’s a nice little indicator, as this is how Brave gets the BAT they use to pay all of us. If they aren’t having to buy any, then means they won’t have a ton to give out overall.

All of that said, definitely have to find that balance of your device & browser settings, checking ad campaigns available for your device might be like, view limits for those campaigns, and then just looking at the big picture of BAT buyback from Brave.

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