account creation unable to process with shields up

just got an AMEX. going thru reg process, at brave shields are up, filled out fields, clicked Create Account. Nothing happens.
I suspect it’s trackers, ads, or whatever is blocked. Rarely I see this, but seeing it now.
Seems only way forward is to disable shields, which I’d rather not.

  1. any way to export the URLs that are being blocked?
  2. any way to go forward with shields up? (granted you may not be able to test unless you have an AMEX)

Hey @apachewolf,

Can you try reloading the page but with all cookies allowed enabled? That should fix the problem without outright disabling your shields.

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Hello @apachewolf

could you try again with shield up but while you on site go to the brave icon next to the address bar then click on it then make sure to view in advanced mode then allow all cookies

and see if it help or not

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i worked it out over the phone. thanks, i’ll try on another site if i get into a similar situation.

@apachewolf you welcome :slight_smile:

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