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I have ordered three times on Amazon. It’s a large amount but it is always cancelled by Amazon a few minutes later even though I have the amount that appears directly on my account (real-time transaction notification). What do you think the reason is for you? Would it be Nordvpn’s fault? Or is it because I have the fingerprint (Farbling Level) on maximum?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hello, for me it would be the means of payment, it has been rejected, it is for that reason that they return the Money, in other companies they have returned my PP money for not having legitimacy and in one or another the Credit cards, the reasons It could also be the Contact data or the company you are buying has a policy that is not suitable for your user profile, it could be your reputation, time in the community, country, among others, now they implemented new measures since Nvidea released new ones Video cards and Bitcoin Bots bought all, that is why now they are somewhat strict, try to exhaust all the possible reasons, if you want, tell me later here.

It is not the means of payment because my account is well funded. And Amazon has taken the amount in question from the account, the transaction is just not validated because it’s just an authorization transaction. The money will be returned to me in the next few days as Amazon will not have taken it. I tried with another card from another bank. The problem is the same. So I really don’t see where this can come from. What is certain is that it is at Amazon that it is blocking. The system doesn’t like a few things about me. Because I only use immediate debit cards. This means that at the time of the transaction, Amazon queries my balance to see if I have enough and directly make the transaction for the amount of the order even if it hasn’t taken the money yet.

At the time of using immediate cards it has been the same, they ask me for identification of any kind, you may have a fingerprint as I spent 2 years on Facebook, or it may be the VPN As you indicated, try to buy a cell phone in your country and try the same processes from there, with everything new so maybe you take a load off your shoulders for a few months until the platform comes back to bother you. Buy a Sim and browse through data to be assigned unique data, since it is easy to detect all connected Macs via the Lan or Wan network.

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Do you think this is my mac address? And the residential ip?

Brave does not interfere with the purchase, since it is taken as a Browser, you can make the purchase legally with your IP, I do not use VPN, I do everything from my Original IP and I have never had problems, Brave connects you to the web, while not Fail any option at the time of purchase means that Brave in this case is not the one that prevents you from making the purchase, but the Amazon algorithms, An alternative to VPN is better to use a virtual private server if the purchase or card is outside your Country, but if the Card details are from your country you will not have any problem when buying with your Real IP. It is easy to detect Proxy I work with Web Trackers as a small company and I do not get anyone not legitimate.

I see but I was thinking that if I had put Brave to its maximum, the fact that Brave hides a lot of information like the graphics card, etc. that Amazon used to collect. Amazon’s algorithm may not like it. That’s why I was wondering if it couldn’t be from there too. Ah, the proxy with residential ip is detectable as much as the vpn?

Proxy = Vpn
It is my way of thinking, now VPNs are as detectable as Proxy and they act almost in the same way, if you want you can try with another browser, make the purchase among others, Eliminate all possible factors, Amazon is Amazon, you will spend example 5 Thousand Dollars they generate a lot daily, detecting you is not difficult, they get used to it, if said payment comes from an unsuitable source at your own risk but well, I will not say more. :smiley:

Is it possible to continue the conversation on Discord? :slight_smile:

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You can use the Brave Forum Messaging there we can talk without any problem.

I have bought things VIA brave on Amazon and never had a issue and also used a VPN on my phone when doing so but I suggest you contact Amazon support to find out why they are rejecting your order.

Yes I tried to contact them, we’ll see :slight_smile: Thanks

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