Amazon Music non-functional from autoplay prompt



Brave cannot play music when visiting due to an autoplay prompt. There is no work around, so users of Brave cannot use Amazon music.


Brave 0.19.53
rev e09025b
Reproduced 10/20/17
MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 (Latest)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Navigate to Amazon music (link above) and log in
  2. Attempt to play music
    A warning is displayed:
    Enable Auto-play (see image below)

I checked the network tab and the following error is displayed:
Failed to execute 'play' on 'HTMLMediaElement': API can only be initiated by a user gesture.

Expected behavior

This warning should not appear or there should be a workaround. At the current version, Amazon music’s website is non-functional.

V0.19.88dev for laptop has been released!
V0.19.95dev for laptop has been released!
V0.19.105dev for laptop has been released!

Duping to Amazon Music stopped Autoplay after upgrade?

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