Amazon labelled 'Brave' as Google Chrome MacOS (desktop) in email

Hi, Finally switched to Brave today and logged in to my Amazon account which triggered an alert which read:
Device: Google Chrome macOS (Desktop)
To make matters more confusing, my VPN was on, set to London, but Amazon suggested I was near Manchester.

I ignored each one each time I tried, rather than approving, but it relentlessly came back with Google Chrome OS. So I’ve stopped using it until I can work out why! And have changed my Amazon password. Surely Amazon knows the difference between Brave and Google Chrome. I do not think I have any extensions added, I’ve literally just downloaded it.
My VPN is defo set to London. I’m mighty confused. Did I download a fake? Sorry, I’m a newbie.

Unlikely, did you download from Just to be sure, uninstall and reinstall again.

It seems so to some extent. Go to and check the user agent section, it is the middle of the page. Websites identify your browsers by http headers. A http header is an important piece of information which makes web work. All chromium browsers like (chrome, edge, opera, brave, vivaldi etc) have similar user agent/user string as all of them use chromium engine. Firefox has a different user agent than all others as it rendering engine is gecko, safari has different than chromium/gecko as it’s rendering engine is webkit.
But, edge, opera have slightly modified those weird words/numbers so that the browser can identify that the request is coming from edge/opera. Vivaldi and brave currently uses chrome user agent. It is purposefully done for privacy of the users using brave. By it, you can cloak/hide into the other billion chrome browsers/users. Comapred to opera UA has only million hits per day while chrome/vivaldi/brave all have billions of hits.
There is no problem if the website recognizes brave has chrome. Nothing bad happens.

Are you from Manchester? If you change your IP to london via a VPN, amazon will still know your location, as amazon already has your address as manchester. To see if brave or your vpn is leaking IP check the above link. If it is not leaking IP, then your location as manchester is amazons doing.

Hi, I really don’t think I did download a fake - pretty sure I went to the main website, is there a way to double check without deleting it? Feel a bit averse to doing all my bookmarks again… but if there isn’t an easy way then ok, will do.

Thanks for the very interesting explanation, tho some of it a bit lost on me. Browserleaks says:

Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_14_6) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/99.0.4844.74 Safari/537.36

Which looks fairly correct, right OS but I deleted Safari, tho I’m sure it’s still in there somewhere.

I’m not in Manchester, which is why I thought it odd Amazon suggested it. I tested changing my vpn zone from London to Scotland and browser leaks certainly picked that up ok.

If there really is no easy way to know if I downloaded a dodgy copy I will do as you suggest.

many thanks for taking the trouble to reply. Bestest., quite a funny story about User agents. That is why all UA like of chrome have firefox, safari, Internet Explorer mentioned in their UA. The one you have got is right. The safari word in the UA you see for brave has nothing to do with the actual safari browser. It is just the way it is. Such type of user agent strings were a bug but somehow got standardized and now everyone uses it even if it is faulty.

There are various steps to authenticate that the brave browser on your device is the real one. It will be quite lengthy and hard. I think that there is a 99% chance that you downloaded the real, but even if you to re-install it you can do so easily. For the bookmarks from old browser, put them on the sync chain brave://settings/braveSync, then add the new browser to the sync chain and download those bookmarks to your new browsers.

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