Amazon Cart Auto-Refresh keeps taking me to top

When I’m scrolling down through my ‘Save for Later’ Amazon cart, the tab will auto-refresh which takes me back to the top of my cart. Since I have over 500 items saved, I can’t ever get down to the end before the refresh. Is there a way to increase the time of the auto-refresh rate within Brave? Or is this something going on within Amazon? FWIW, I don’t seem to have this issue in Firefox.

Thanks for reaching out to us.
Can you tell me how your Shields settings are configured for

Amazon Shields settings are:
cross-site trackers blocked
connections upgraded to HTTPS
Scripts blocked
cross-site cookies blocked
Cross site device recognition blocked

This may cause issues

Oops … I guess I needed to provide a bit more info:

Amazon Shields settings are:
cross-site trackers blocked = ON
connections upgraded to HTTPS = ON
Scripts blocked = OFF
cross-site cookies blocked
Cross site device recognition blocked

Might need a bit of testing.

Does it help to disable Sheilds?
Does private mode help?
If you try it in Chrome, does the same issue occur?

When I disable the shields, and delete an item in my cart, I am again sent back to the top of the listing. I’ll have to try getting to the end without making any changes along the way.

Don’t know about what happens in Private mode. I’ll try that too.

I have so many additional things going on with Amazon in Chrome (price checks, Honey, etc.) that my cart tends to always be a disaster.

It could be Amazon itself or an extension, but yeah I’ve used amazon a bit and never noticed any auto-reload, Disable as many extensions as possible/use private mode.

I personally am able to scroll down my Save for later list without the site refreshing. Do you have any extensions installed in Brave?

Yeah, I have a number of video download extensions installed. I don’t use most of them (just experimenting) so I can delete / disable most of them

How do I start Brave in “Private Mode”? I thought it was always in that mode

Nevermind … I found the “private mode”

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