Amazon banner manages to bypass Brave Shields The banner is in the middle of the page; scroll down to find an identical one. They bypass Shields and uBlock Origin.
@fanboynz are you there? :smiley:

It looks like they just manually placed the banner, which brave will not block.

@BWBama85 it’s true that they didn’t copy-paste the usual Amazon HTML code in the page directly, but they are using a basic PHP script in an external host. Brave (and/or other extensions, for that matter) should be able to detect this simple way to bypass adblockers.

Have reported to the Italian list maintainer. Ensure you have Easylist Italy enabled in brave://adblock

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@fanboynz Don’t worry I have always used Easylist Italy. However, these very simple Amazon banners don’t go away:
They are images hosted elsewhere, with an href attribute, (or amazon.*). It is probably the easiest way to bypass adblockers.
I suggest blocking any image linking to Amazon.

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