Always pending payment

my payment always pending for 2 last month

yesterday I check my payment will be sent today
and i check it again today on my wallet

bat will send next month

why always this?

Did your Uphold account fully verified, @Acenight? When you connect your Uphold account?

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Of course bro
I get payment om july you can check on my screenshot

Up up up up up up up up up guys

@Acenight see Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts

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@Asad check this out

Same problem with my account too. It’s stuck since 3 months. Then stopped using brave because of this disappointment.

I got my payment on 9 october bro

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Mine is pending… And i uninstalled brave rewards app. Let’s see. If they are holding it up, and releasing BAT tokens till then what should i do by just collecting the tokens not getting paid?

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