Always open file type for downloads


There are some file types that, when downloaded, the desired result would be to open it rather than saving it. An example of this would be .ica files for Citrix Receiver. It would be great if there was an option to set a default for the file type or at the very least an option on the download itself to open it rather than having to navigate to the folder path and run it manually.


Hi @thefredbeard, Extensions are added when you start download. It changes when you rename the download file name. There is an issue logged for this


This does not appear to be related. The file does have the extension, that isn’t the problem. I am not renaming the file. The feature to be added would be to be able to set a particular file type to always open rather than save when downloaded. I gave .ica files (Citrix Receiver files) as an example. It’s a hassle for users to have to download, go to downloads and double click rather than just having the Citrix application auto-open.


So I assume you are expecting something like this on Firefox, right?


YES! Big +1 for me.

I can’t download ebooks from The system they use wants you to open the link directly with Adobe Digital Editions. Works fine in Firefox, etc. Doesn’t work with Brave because Brave will only let me Save As (which itself specifically says not to do.)

Edit: I can save the file, then go to Downloads, then double-click it. Cumbersome but workable. I’d much rather have Brave open the file directly with the application, the way other browsers do.


Just wanted to bump this, there are some files I simply want to open without having the extra clicks of opening folders etc. Is this possible?


Is it what you requesting for?



Yes this would be great


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