"Always allow" doesn't

Every single time, on every single page, no matter how many times I click on “always allow” it doesn’t remember it even for the same page that I’ve visited many times before and many times selected it to always allow.

Does it happen even on a page reload, moments later? Or only if a period of time has passed between visits?

Are you using any of the ‘clear browsing data’ features?

With email, it happens each and every time even if I’m in the same page without refreshing. If I click the link and select the checkbox and then open Mail, and then close Mail and then click the link again right afterwards, I’ll get the same window, over and over again.
However, with Facetime, it will give me the link and I can then click the phone number just seconds later and it will have remembered and it will open up Facetime. But the next time I go there, I’ll get the prompt.

I’m not sure what you mean by the “clear browser data features”. I don’t have it set to clear on exit, if that is what you are asking.

Yes, that is what I was asking about, thanks.

Not sure what root cause is, however I found this, seems to be a known issue?

If so, maybe you could add to that issue and hopefully it can get some traction?

Odd, that there’s nothing that can be done at the brave community but that I have to go to github.

Well, if it’s a known bug, and that’s the tracker for the bugs, and the developers work from that tracker, seems to make sense to me.

Not speaking for anyone but myself but I think of this as more of a community forum to get help on things, but if a bug is identified I don’t see any advantage to tracking it in 2, or 5, different places. JMHO.

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