Alternatives to Uphold for buying BAT



I very much want to try Brave payments with BAT, so I need to buy me some BATs. I tried this Uphold thing, but I don’t like:

  1. They demand your cell phone and your picture ID before you can plug even a little bit of money (doesn’t apply if you got your bitcoin elsewhere, apparently).
  2. There is a minimum of 50 dollar transaction for funding your wallet, and a minimum of 75 euro for a SEPA transfer.
  3. If you forget about them for three months, they will start collecting fees from your account.

I think this might put off other people as it does put me off. Apparently there are several alternative exchanges, but I don’t know about them. They sure have their issues.

I thought it would be nice to have a post in this forum with the alternatives sorted off, clear conditions, etc. Not the whole thing, just the features that are important for a newbie to start using payments for the first time, using their fiat currency. Existing bitcoin users don’t need this post.

Something like this:


  • Requires cell-phone for two-factor authentification. Apparently, it doesn’t have to be a smartphone.
  • Requires a picture of your official ID (passport, driving license, state ID)
  • Requires a clear picture
  • Accepts ACH and SEPA transfer for adding funds
  • Does not accept credit card for adding funds
  • 1.95% fee for fiat -> BAT
  • Collects 1USD/month if you do not add funds, or move money in 90 days, 5USD/month if you do not add funds, or move money in 180 days, 10USD/month if you do not add funds, or move money in 360 days. Moving money from your fiat card to your wallet should be enough.


Maybe you would like to ask about that on


Thanks, suguru. That chat is not exactly for newbies, but I’ll try to grab some information, clean it up and report back…


Just to be clear: I don’t think it’s terrible that a creator has to identify in order to get paid in fiat currency. I understand brave must comply with AML/KYC (Anti Money Laundering / Know Your Customer, but for a fella that wants to drop some cash into their favorite publishers, the conditions are too much. I have never been asked to show my ID on the internet, for neither donations, crowdfunding, or shoping.


It seems there are no alternatives today. But in the brave payments FAQs it says

In the future we will add the ability to directly fund your wallet with a credit card in the browser.

So I guess we’ll have to wait…

bat-stephen on the BAT CHAT told me also about the upcoming User Growth Pool, in which apparently there will be other opportunities to get some BATs…

Will stay tuned!


Yeah, I see many services related with cryptocurrencies share the same difficulties in adding funds directly. Let’s see if it’s fixed soon!


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