Alternative to Uphold - account cannot be created


i can’t create an Uphole account. The verification system does not accept any form of identification from my country (answer from customer support). I don’t know why but that’s the point. Now i can’t transfer my BAT. Is there any alternative without an Uphole account in order to transfer my BAT?

Gemini wallets should be available next month for transferring Brave Rewards. Hopefully they will be available in your country, as well.

@rosiecar thank you for this information. I’m afraid you are right. This is from the Gemini Page: Gemini does not currently operate in Germany. But perhaps later, otherwise i don’t know how i can use the BAT.

I’m not sure that information applies to the Gemini wallets for Brave Rewards, but in any event, you can use the BAT to tip your favorite content creator(s).

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