Alternative DNS setting

It could be useful if Brave offered a setting to specify alternative DNS(s) so that the browser could bypass the system’s hostname resolution if the settings are provided and resolve the names itself using a request to the DNS specified in the setting.

The use case would be in situations where users are from totalitarian regimes and find that their courier’s DNS has sites placed on a restricted list (Example would be in Australia where the Telstra DNS does not have an entry for the site and other sites)

Currently Android users only have options to specify an alternative DNS if they are using a static address through a Wifi connection that provides Internet access. If they are connected directly to a carrier their only option is to root the device (Can be difficult or impossible on some devices) or install a fake VPN app on the device that allows alternative DNS to be specified, the downside is that could be a privacy issue as the app intercepts all traffic, not just DNS lookups)

I believe the option would enhance privacy as being restricted from alternative sites means that users quite often fall back privacy violating sites like Youtube just due to ease of access.

Other considerations:
Have an option to automatically disable this option if a VPN is currently active (To prevent DNS leaking)


Hi Octium, awesome suggestion! Will definitely pass it along to the team.

Tor Tabs might also solve some of these issues but they’re only on desktop :slight_smile:

I want to give my +1 for this feature request. As the desktop browser has this feature, it feels like mobile (iOS) is a second class citizen. Is there any update on this?

Hi Octium,

just a thought. Have you looked into some thing like NextDNS?

You either download their app or download & install a Certificate which over-rides local dns