Alternate DNS Service Integration


In the spirit of improving how the web functions, I believe that adding alternate DNS services so that Brave resolves .bit and .eth alternate TLDs would be a valuable feature.

  1. It makes the correct political stand against the large multinational corporations which currently possess a an anticompetitive monopoly over the domain registration process. While the $10+/month they charge may not seem like much in a privileged first world context, we in the Global South often do not have access to conventional finance and credit card options to purchase domains and typically struggle to afford domain registration. With NameCoin and the others, that problem’s eliminated.

  2. The Ethereum address space is already very popular, with millions invested in the domains and thousands of people already relying on the “fake” TLD within the ethersphere. This would be a big way for the Brave community to pay it backward given its own reliance on Ethereum’s technology. It would signal both in the specific and in the general that Brave belongs to a new generation of web browsers native to and integrated into the emergent decentralized blockchain-driven web.

  3. It would be a tangible feature. "Brave is the only browser that works for “soandso.bit.” Or, “Oh? You’re investing in Ethereum? Ethereum’s the only browser that works with Ethereum’s address system.” Or, “Hey. Did you hear about Google deleting that blog’s domain? If you use Brave, you can still see it.”

Full disclosure: I’m Black. African Black. I grew up in South Africa and I know a thing or two about the toxic impact of racism. But if you look at what’s happened with Daily Stormer, Stormfront, and other racist websites last month, I have to wonder if the censorship’s going to stop with stuff I agree with. That’s the thing about corporate censorship. It’s fun when an unaccountable multinational corporation kicks racists off of the web. I’m laughing, too. But will it stop there? And if it doesn’t stop there, will people just be stuck with whatever Google’s Root DNS decides to do about the Google-registered domain when somebody tries to Google it on their Google Chrome browser on their Google Android device?

I don’t believe the best fit would be for it to be an optional plugin, since rudimentary access to a website is so fundamental. The plugin would be nice, of course, but having it be separate from the main installation would confirm that complete Net Neutrality is not a priority and help reinforce the current first world cartel in control of the domain registration process.