Alt hotkey conflicts with language change


People who have more than one language, on windows, have default combination Shift+Alt to change keyboard language. However, Brave uses left Alt to open top menu bar (if hidden). So, when you try to type something and change the language, you often hit alt slightly earlier than shift, and menu is called, interface shifts down, then if you ignore it and keep typing, then you use arrows to navigate, but they are used to navigate top menu, instead of the text. If you change language often, it really becomes unbearable. I had to change default language change hotkey to continue using Brave.
Please, consider changing the hotkey to right Alt to call the menu, of some other key.


Hi @Rem,
Thanks for reporting.

This is a known common issue with the old Brave (0.25.x is the latest version for this build). This issue will not be fixed for the old Brave, but this issue does fixed with the new Brave (0.56.x and higher).

Brave is on migration process to Chromium front-end that will fixed many issue that found in the old Muon version.

Please try the new Brave from

You can run it in parallel then import your browser data from the old Brave.



Thanks a lot! Sorry, I didn’t notice that migration has been completed. Will be happy to use new Brave!


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