Alt+D on Windows User Experience



OS: Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10
Brave: 0.22.714 (and prior)

The Alt+d keyboard shortcut is useful for putting your cursor in the Address bar & highlighting the text. This works, but it also causes the file menu to appear on the browser. I also believe, but cannot confirm that the file menu showed up by default when viewing the Brave browser before I used this keyboard shortcut. After I used this keyboard shortcut for the first time, the file menu disappeared if I recall correctly.

Expected experience should be that the file menu gets selected when clicking alt, not alt and another key together. Also if my assumption is right, this should not have hidden the file menu.


Hi @mattferderer,

Thanks for reporting. I added your comment to the issue here

If you want to always show the menu, you can set it from Preferences/Settings > General. DIsable the Hide the menu bar by default option.


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