ALT+D Keyboard Shortcut



First of all, I love Brave! Thank you for creating something fresh and awesome!

The one and only thing that drives me crazy is when using ALT+D, it will enable the URL bar (which is what I am in a major habit of doing in all browsers.) In Brave, it enables the URL bar but also leaves the “File” menu toggled. When you go to press enter on the new URL, it opens a new blank tab. It’s a really dumb issue but it is something I am so used to it kind of drives me crazy. I understand if this gets ignored but I figured I would try in case others have had the same issue. Thank you for your time!


@woke this is definitely annoying when it happens, I feel your pain

We have an issue captured here which you can use to track:

I’ve assigned it to myself and am very familiar with that code. I’ll try to find a milestone to assign it to soon (which have dates associated with them).

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

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