Alphanumeric Address ≠ QR Code Address when I "Add Funds"


The address shown in alphanumeric characters is not the same as the address shown in the QR code.

  1. Go to Menu -> Settings
  2. Select “Payments” in the left menu
  3. Click “Add funds…” button
  4. Select any of the currencies to make the transfer (BTC, ETH, BAT, LTC)
  5. See the following image, where the address shown with letters and digits (0x938E1c6d87303E09b83A3466c5A1B2ab98Aec734) is not the same as the address shown when scanning the QR code (0x18f41e81c911ec720ced08c9167eef85afe818c8), see for yourself by scanning the code below :slight_smile: :


@chrishobcroft is the QR code always showing the same value no matter which currency you select?



Nope - it’s different for each currency (ETH and BAT are the same)

For Bitcoin:

For Ethereum:

For Litecoin:


I think this might be related to your other post about the backup words simply showing ‘a’ ("Backup your wallet" showing "a" as the 'anonymised recovery key') assuming that this is on the same profile.

Logged an issue for this:



Hey, I did a clean install of my OS and Brave browser, and now the Alphanumeric Address = QR Code Address.

So I can only assume that the previous bug had something to do with my messed up wallet :slight_smile:


I wonder if once you restart the browser, your address might not be the same as your QR code, so keep an eye on that. Thanks for reporting back @chrishobcroft!!


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