Alpha testers needed

I want to join the club @joshy but the link doesn’t work.

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Count me in. Anything to save humanity from ourselves

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Cleaning up a few things still…

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I’m interested in joining as well.

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Thank you to all of you who checked it out and also for the feedback.

I am going to change it to login by BAT address instead of email and change the game a bit. It will still be kitties vs earths greatest challenges, but the focus on the club will be you and your content, rating/filtering out spam content, etc.

Every spin of the game wheel will earn red gems that you use for promoting your content. Sort of a marker where the more you’ve contributed, the more “club ad space” you will get.

Blue gems are won for fame/game items.

Members can opt in to viewing club ads or not. If you do, you earn green gems.

Green gems will be used to “buy” faucet distributions from the club.

Funding for the faucet comes from club sales (red gems, etc), BAT donations via the Brave system (tips/auto contribute).

I am building it is the most fair way I can think of to be able to eventually transition into an autonomous system some day.

I will keep it simple. The current version will be taken down soon an relaunched in the future.

Oh and I am still sticking to the 100% of funds goes back to club or healthy earth projects.

If it is good for earth it should be free and give back as much as possible. (Imo)

Please close this thread as I will open a new one in the future.