Almost no rewards

Hello guys. in the last 2-3 months I only earned like 0.2 to 0.4 BAT in a month. before that it was like 3-5 BAT in a month. I use the browser the same time as before. Do you know if something changed or if I have to update something in the settings?

thank you advanced.

@lukeslikeluke there are always a lot of variables. Your country, device, view limits on campaigns, your device settings, what you have enabled, etc. You definitely should be earning more than 0.2 to 0.4 BAT. When I see something like that said, it seems you never go to Brave News and/or that you don’t open New Tabs with Sponsored Images enabled.

Other issue could also be, are you keeping Brave updated? If you have an older version of Brave, then things will start to fall off and you won’t be earning.

In regards to settings, you’d have to also make sure your device isn’t stopping Brave from providing notifications. Remember, the primary method of ads from Brave are ad notifications which come as system notifications on your device. Such as if you’re using Windows and have Focus Assist enabled, then it might not show you ads during certain time periods or if you’re busy playing games or watching videos.

Don’t forget, Sampson volunteers his own time to update a site which shows us ad campaigns in our regions. It also provides information like which OS those ads appear on and the maximum amount of times we can see ads from a campaign per day, week, month, and total.

Let’s look at the below for example:

This Norton ad campaign is running for a little over a month, from October 25 through November 30 (37 days).

  • The particular ad/campaign I’m showing you here says it is for Windows users only.
  • It pays only 0.001 BAT per view
  • We can only get up to 1 ad per day
  • Maximum times any one person can see these ads is 5.
  • PN listed on it means Push Notification, so it would appear as a notification and not on New Tab Page or Brave News.

So while I see this campaign listed, the chances are that I’ve seen it the maximum amount of times and it no longer will appear to me.

You can check this out for yourself at

But yes, many ads are paying only like 0.001-0.005 BAT per ad, which isn’t helpful. We have to see hundreds of them. If we end up having a lot of campaigns where we’ve hit the view limits, earnings will drop.

That said, Brave usually has enough house ads and campaigns going on in general that we should see enough. For example, my current status is as below:


So I’ve seen 580 ads.

Of that

  • 352 were from NTP ads.
  • 219 were Push Notifications
  • 9 were from Brave News (I use it often on iPhone but not Desktop, so I lose out on BAT there)

And for that, only getting an estimated 1.378-2.564. That definitely is small. It used to be a bit more than that, but it will fluctuate.

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hello Saoiray
thank you very much for your advices. Its probably indeed because I didnt have the brave updated, which I did now. Hopefully it works.

what do you mean exactly with checking Brave News and sponsored images in new tabs? Thank you for the support, appreciated a lot.

kind regards

@lukeslikeluke Do you remember that screenshot in my prior comment where it showed how many ads I saw? In that, there are some toggle buttons for New tab page ads (which often get called NTP ads, but also known as Sponsored Images) and Notification Ads. Those toggles will enable or disable the ability to see those ads.

NTP ads are set so when you go to your New Tab Page it might show an ad. For this to work best, you need your New Tab Page to open to Dashboard. This setting is found at brave://settings/getStarted on Desktop.

As for Brave News, when you’re on your Dashboard (which would now be your NTP), you can scroll down by default and see Brave News. This is a RSS feed of random news sites, all of which you can customize. Mixed in with those news articles will be ads.

You can see some descriptions and examples from me at PSA: Current FAQ - #22 by Saoiray

thank you very much for your assistent @Saoiray , that helped me a lot!
kind regards luke

Glad to help, @lukeslikeluke. Just one word of caution. The information there is just informative as to maximum capabilities on earning and all. But still, make sure you are just casually using your device.

What I mean is that some people specifically learn things like how you can see one NTP every 15 minutes. So then they set timers or try to set up automation to open new tabs every 15 minutes to try to force the ad to show. And they’ll constantly try to open and scroll through Brave News and all, with the main goal of trying to maximize their earnings.

When this is done, it increases the chance of getting accounts flagged/suspended. Visiting those areas and seeing ads is good and the intent of Rewards. But trying to use it to mine/farm BAT and pushing to maximize earnings, where your primary activity is focused on ads rather than just using the browser, it becomes an abuse. Hopefully you understand what I mean.

What I’ve learned is I tend to earn the most BAT when I don’t think about it.

good advises, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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