Almost no rewards this month

Does not even pay the extra energy consumption of a laptop. It’s cheaper leaving Brave closed :stuck_out_tongue:

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same for me support says it always been that way . NOT at .002 you need view 500 ads to earn 1 bat view 333 ads to earn 1 bat that;s half a penny each view think the advertisers know this

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I am experiencing the same thing. BAT 0.44 in 15 days :confused:

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They fluctuate. I provided link to place where you can see how much each ad pays. Everyone is hyper focusing on 1-2 campaigns when you have a lot more. And the campaigns paying lower are Brave’s, where they just are paying out of pocket to give us more ads. Otherwise you might not get any ad at all. It’s a “something is better than nothing.”

I’m not sure if you saw it, but I did make a video because of some of the conversations going on. Don’t know if it’ll help on information, but you can see it at

You on Android, by chance?

not on the phone. pc. windows.
If it’s changed, there’s nothing you can do. quite a bit i think

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Ok, so let me ask. If you go to do you see a lot of campaigns available? Also, if you check under OSes for the campaigns, is your OS being target much by campaigns?

Second thing I’ll suggest is you also kind of run through and check settings I talk about at PSA: Current FAQ - #21 by Saoiray to see if making adjustments there might help.

yes 10 campaigns and 20 creatives and for windows. I checked everything and it seems normal. While I bought 5 BAT in 15 days last month, I got 0.5 BAT this month. that’s the only difference. I guess the ad payments have gotten cheaper

is brave gonna reverse these changes? If not, I dont think anybody is going to care about rewards…

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Hi Saoiray, Thanks for your response on this topic. However, I am getting very “strange” results. For the record:

  1. Wifi device connected to Uphold account shows BAT as “$undefined” and 0 ads in catalog and no ads offered for last 4-5 weeks
  2. Other Wifi device NOT connected to Uphold account shows several ads in catalog and no ads offered for last 4-5 weeks
  3. Main smartphone connected to same uphold account as #1 shows several ads in catalog but no ads offered in last 4-5 weeks
  4. Main laptop connected to VPN (locale is not the same as region which is “disabled”) shows 0 ads in catalog and, strangely, is the only one showing occasional ads, but only when I actively open new tabs.

The way that ads are offered seems to be totally random and restricted for me…

I am checking the setting discussed in PSA: Current FAQ - #21 by Saoiray but they all seem to be correct.

Any ideas why this is happening?

same issues no bat rewards increasing and not conneibg any wallet

So I’ve realised that the ads I am not getting are new tab page ads from advertisers - only Brave ads and that’s why rewards are only coming in at 002 and 003 these last few weeks. I am getting the pop-up notifications. Only thing I’ve done different is I am currently in the UK, but @Saoiray and @SmartyAadi as you know all my profile settings on Brave and Uphold match my UK ID. I have time zone, locale, etc. set to UK except keyboard language which is set to UK English with a US Keyboard - any ideas?

I see. Well, maybe try changing the keyboard. Don’t know if that will help, but always worth a try!
Also, yes, on my Android I get more of notification ads and very less SI ads. They don’t pay more than 0.0025 BATs.

Lo habitual. Una irregularidad mas. Yo hace dias he desistido de usar el navegador, y llevamos asi muchisimo tiempo, con continuas irregularidades de un navegador que ofrece lo que no cumple con la permisividad y pasividad de sus responsables, que obviamente, debieran ser conscientes lo que aqui publicamos.


Nah, I need my keyboard set like this as I use English (UK) for voluminous document reviews at work (correcting English US documents to English UK among other things) and personal stuff - that would seriously affect productivity. I just can’t understand why I am not reeceiving non-Brave ads on new tab pages. Strange things in logs about me having no epsilom greedy bandit arms which I think is related to ad categories? Yet another ticket to Brave support I guess (its all I seem to do these last few months). :sob:

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Out of curiosity, if you go to the ads catalog and look for SI ads, are there any non-Brave ones there that are set to appear for your OS? If there aren’t, then that would answer you on why you’re not getting them.

I just looked for mine and there’s only one ad campaign at this moment that has SI. It is a Brave ad campaign.

If yours is like mine, then there’s your answer. If advertisers aren’t paying to have SI shown, then we won’t see them. Rather than leave us with absolutely no possible ads, Brave will often touch into reserves to pay for ads so we can get something, rather than nothing.

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Exactly the same as your screenshot (except GB). Thanks for the link, which seems much more accurate than the impression I formerly had from I thought there were 44 active campaigns and couldn’t figure out why for 2-3 weeks now I wasn’t seeing them! The two info sources seem to be at odds (to me) but perhaps I am just misunderstanding, which I often do. :blush:

Yeah all of a sudden this month, the Brave homepage stopped displaying a Gemini tab for me to click on, and it doesn’t seem to have been adding any BAT past like .53 all month, and i should have A LOT this month?? Please help Clarify,

Thank You

Well, other issue is our regions get broken down. For example, some ads will be for England will only be for those around London. Others might be targeting Manchester. The list goes on. So of those 44, maybe only 10-20 would be in your specific location and the others are targeting locations in your country but farther away.

I’m not sure how well they do with showing those Regions in each. But to give you an example:

According to that, there are 22 campaigns. But if I look at at Transparency, it says there are 59 campaigns!

I’m in Florida. They do list the USA states separately, but that’s not the answer either. As otherwise we’d think I only have 3 campaigns!

Photos 2_21_2023 14_23_26

So as confusing as this might be, it means there are 59 campaigns in the USA. Of those, only 22 are inclusive of Florida.

Some will target the entire country:

Photos 2_21_2023 14_27_09

Others narrow down to only part:

Regional Catalog Viewer (v2) - Brave 2_21_2023 14_27_58

And, quite frankly, I don’t even know why some of the campaigns show up for my region. Because this one you see below DOES NOT include Florida. So it means I wouldn’t be able to see that ad.

Photos 2_21_2023 14_28_51

Then the big kicker to all of that is people forget to also look at OS that those ads can be shown. Such as:

Android ONLY:

Regional Catalog Viewer (v2) - Brave 2_21_2023 14_30_50

Linux, Mac, and Windows ONLY:

Photos 2_21_2023 14_32_05

So as a person goes through, you realize that even those “22” campaigns in my region, many of those will exclude because of the part of the region they are targeting and/or because of the OS.

It can be a headache looking to say, wait a minute. 59 turned into 22? And 22 then turned into only 10 campaigns. (I just checked, only 10 that target Windows and don’t exclude Florida).

Of those 10 campaigns, it then gets broken down further.

Sponsored Images (NTP ads)

  • Only ONE campaign is for Sponsored Images. It’s Brave:

Inline Content (Brave News)

  • Only one campaign fits this.

Push Notifications

  • The remaining 8 fall into this category.


View Limits

If that’s not enough though. Also have the remaining limitations. When advertisers pay, they choose how many times each person can see their ads per day/week/month/total. For example, let’s look at this one below:

The campaign started on August 5, 2022 and ends on February 28, 2023. But they limit a person to seeing that ad at most 3x per day, with a maximum amount of times of 21. Chances are, most Users would have hit that maximum. If that’s the case, means you’re not going to see that and it’s yet one more campaign to remove off the list of ads you can see.

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It’s all of these factors that come together and is why Brave says values will change. You have to get advertisers who are paying more to have things shown more often, increased view limits, targeting your region, and also targeting your OS type. Otherwise you’ll see a decrease in BAT Earnings.

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