Almost no ads and no friendly interface

I just moved from Opera and I’m facing at least 3 different problems when it comes to UX. Tabs won’t resize (get smaller) when opening too many tabs, tabs icons changes to a sad face emoji when killing the proccesses inside the task manager. I kill the browser process using the OS task manager, when I open it back I have to hit a “restore tabs” button (most of the time all the tabs would automatically restored when I reopened Opera), and the reason why I do that is because I use two browser windows, so I can’t close them manually, since I may lose my session when I reopen the browser (even if I try to restore it from the “x closed tabs”. Also, I have to use a plugin to play videos in a popin window, and the functionally is not great (can resize the video to the size of the screen if I need to. I have to use a theme to differentiate between tabs when I have too many tabs opened. And there must be something else that I can’t remember. And here goes the worst part:
I’m getting around 3 ads for each 2 or 3 hours. Also, slide ads are rare.
This browser has everything I hated in Chrome before moving to Opera, except for the fact that I can make some money here and can have more privacy.

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