Allow Video Autoplay (if muted) as Chrome does

No one likes loud videos to autoplay. Web designers don’t like when their pretty silent background videos are blocked. Ex:

Can you make a new default handling of the situation? Allow video to autoplay if the “muted” attribute is on the video tag. This is the way Chrome (and I think Safari) handle it.
But still give us the current options as well: Block, Allow if silent (default), Allow.

Minimizing ‘break the internet’ this way.

Do I understand you correctly? You mean, if “muted” is marked, the video can be blocked, otherwise not…?

Well, then any website owner could take advantage of that, and the mechanics would be bypassed. Then you wouldn’t need that anti-autoplay thing.

If the video tag has the “muted” attributed, then allow that to autoplay, muted of course.

In chrome, try that link I gave above. You’ll see it will autoplay without asking permission. Normally chrome blocks autoplay.

More info if you search the web for “autoplay muted video”.