Allow users to use Rewards with different OS "Region & Locale" format than their actual IP Address or Country

Being a native French resident but having my OS “Region and Locale” settings set in English by default put me as “non-eligible” for ads even though I am in a country that is apparently supposed to be an “eligible region” for ads.
My current configuration being as followed:

  • OS “Region”: France
  • OS “Regional format”: English (Europe)
  • French IP address

To get the ads to work I need to set up three things:

  • OS “Region” needs to be set as “United States”
  • OS “Regional format” needs to be set as “English (United States)”
  • Have a US IP address by using a VPN

The thing is if I want to have ads relevant to my actual country I would have to change both my OS “Region” to France and “Locale” to French, and this only to be able to use this feature, which seems quite absurd as much as I like the concept of Basic Attention Tokens.

I configured my OS this way willingly because of various personal reasons which make me want to avoid using French for anything other than eventual ads.

I am assuming that the reason why those settings seem to be tied together and need to be “coherent” in the first place is because of ads targetting and such, but I don’t see why simply having a personal setting such as the language you use as your default choice for your OS and apps should interfere with the criteria of eligibility and thus for a single feature of an app to work.

Therefore my “feature request” is that I would like to be able to use my PC with the Region and Locale settings remaining as I wish them to be without them interfering on my possible eligibility for ads within Brave and have my IP being the only defining factor of what ads I should be eligible for.