Allow users to use multiple search engines and arrange the order search engines will be used in

I would like to be able to choose the order of search engine in setting and used. I would like Brave, then DuckDuckGo, then StartPage (effectively the most private and secure to the least). I would like to be able to group the results in this order and turn off and on the searches for each level. If people were given BAT for using amongst the private search engines they might choose it over another. I would also like to be able to drag the search engines to the order I want. It would also be nice to be know which country my searches go to and be able to whitelist and blacklist countries they go to. Finally it would be useful to know that all my search info is encrypted round trip.

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Some nice feature requests there.

I’m not sure I understand the “group the results” thing though, do you mean searching in parallel on all enabled search engines and combining the results?

As for encryption, they should all use https nowadays, the sites themselves usually redirect http to https, and Brave does that too by default (can be disabled somewhere in settings, in the “Shields” section).
It’s important that the browser does it, to protect the query strings (search terms in this case).
Otherwise the first http request would leak them to anyone snooping along the way.

“Group the results” means, to me, have Brave search results, then DuckDuckGo search results, then StartPage search results. The idea is to let the user select which engines to use in which order for their search and then allow them to display the collected results in an order the user chooses. After using the Brave search engine for a while now I much prefer it at this point, but it is still learning and adapting so having the DuckDuckGo results (my second preference) follow the Brave results and then the StartPage results allows me to tap all three in the order I like.

I also would like to be able to arrange this order in the search engine section and blacklist certain engine like Google that tracks us and Bing.

Finally, I want to know what countries my data is going to and through and prevent it from going to some (like the CCP).

I ran into a strange situ in upgrading to the latest Brave rev today in that on one of my VMs (I think it was Monterey), the Brave search engine didn’t show up on the list. I did the same on other versions, Catalina and Mojave, and it did show up. Not sure what is going on with that. I hope I answered your question. Thanks for reading the post! All the very best to you and yours.

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