Allow us to send a TAB to another browser window for another profile

I will have two profiles open through Brave. You allow us to open a link in another tab. Please allow us to right-click on a tab and send that tab to the other profile. A popular browser calls this “move tab to…” [another profile], can you please add this feature as well.




There is a “move tab to…” in Brave, but this still cannot send the tab (move and open the tab) under another profile. I would like to be able to move/send a tab to open in another profile window.


Yes! This is much needed! When Brave remembers what profile a website was opened under, then by clicking on a hyperlink from an email it will always open in the correct profile. As it is currently, links for Office 365 Admin Center are opening in my personal profile instead of my work profile. Please add this!

Seriously! I have too many Google accounts (personal and work), and it’s a pain with pages wanting to open in one browser window/profile. It would be great to send tabs to the correct profile.

It is also worth considering adding an operating system context menu option so that, when right-clicking a link, you can choose to open a link in a specific profile in Brave rather than what the last open profile/window was.