Allow to block “auto-play” on video / audio content

I would like to be able to prevent multimedia contents from playing automatically, and decide by myself if i want to play these contents and when i want them to be played.

Now using « Version 1.8.96 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit) » on Mac OS 10.13.6, it seems to me this feature was available in a previous version but i’m unable to find it in the preferences.

Did i miss something :slight_smile: ?

I’ve been having some issues with auto-play items on websites too.

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Quick suggestion: add the AutoplayStopper extension:

Details: Brave is built on Chromium. (You may already know this.) Until mid/late summer 2019, users could edit a flag that controlled autoplay policy. Mid/late summer, that flag was eliminated. I installed the AutoplayStopper extension and it’s worked well for me. When this topic comes up in discussions, I’ve not seen any negative comments about AutoplayStopper. YMMV.

By default, Brave should block autoplaying content. I just checked, and found that 1.8.96 was not auto-blocking the content. It would appear we have a regression in this version, which permits autoplay content. We’ll have that corrected soon!